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Sublime Perversion
"Juntos estamos, estaremos volando..."

Catalina, 16 años, Puerto Montt - no sé que podría decir de mi, hay tanto y tan poco de mi a la vez: melómana, libros, guitarra, luna, violín, composiciones, flauta traversa, bajo, tatuajes, poesía, lluvia, escribir, mar, dudas, pensamientos, piano, partituras, mente, sapiosexual, bizarrerias, blanco y negro. Abrazos en Sol # M
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Because if I do, it’ll be more painful later.
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No soltaré tu mano, aunque sude, resbale, no la dejaré caer, por el simple hecho de que se trata de tí.. mujer.
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Machine Head

"We had the Rolling Stones’ mobile recording unit sitting outside in the snow, but to get there we had to run cable through two doors in the corridor into a room, through a bathroom and into another room, from which it went across a bed and out the veranda window, then ran along the balcony for about 100 feet and came back in through another bedroom window. It then went through that room’s bathroom and into another corridor, then all the way down a marble staircase to the foyer reception area of the hotel, out the front door, across the courtyard and up the steps into the back of the mobile unit. I think that setup led to capturing some spontaneity, because once we got to the truck for a playback, even if we didn’t think it was a perfect take, we’d go, ‘Yeah, that’s good enough.’ Because we just couldn’t stand going back again."

-Ritchie Blackmore

(vía symphony-of-wind)

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Ken Wong ~ “Mistaken Identity”
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